In 2019 the Resilient Child Fund provided training for 35 professionals and para-professionals in trauma-informed creative arts interventions. Participants learned resilience-based approaches to healing children who have had adverse childhood experiences when words are not enough.

 In 2021 we trained 4 individuals in trauma-informed creative art therapies. These participants, as well as others who have been trained, then provided free trauma-informed creative art therapies to 9 children whose families might otherwise not have been able to afford it.

Participant Testimonials

“It is rare that a training perfectly blends the didactic-how to useful skills for my professional life and deep personal discovery and development. I am a more skilled professional and more aware woman.”

“This training has given me new avenues to reaching children with trauma and children who shut down and are having a difficult time expressing themselves.”

“This training has allowed me to incorporate art into my sessions and allow each youth to better express themselves.”

“I really discovered some new things about myself. The intention was to learn it for my clients, but I will be applying this to myself as well.”

“I am already applying these art techniques with my students and seeing positive effects. Thank You!”

“The best thing about the class was understanding the art connection to healing.”